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Women of 4 signs are the most desired of the zodiac

What is it that makes a desired woman? Physical attractiveness is an important variable, but not definitive, after all the concept of beauty is subjective, however, there is a characteristic that can reveal this unknown to us: the signs of the zodiac.

According to astrologers, There are zodiac signs that are more desirable than others. In the eyes of others, although they all have positive qualities, some have an extra in their cosmic aura that makes them more irresistible.

Next, discover which women of the zodiac are the most desired for his astrological personality. For this list, we have based ourselves on an article published by the astrologer Alicia Galván on her online site.

Scorpio women have a mysterious and at the same time magnetic personality. It’s easy to be seduced by their personality and hard to take your eyes off them. And it is that their reserved and somewhat threatening side attracts attention, so they do not need much effort to look desirable.

Pisces women are desirable for their empathetic and affectionate character. They are very kind to everyone which does not go unnoticed by anyone. They know how to make others feel happy, so they emit a halo of light that is impossible to ignore.

The presence of Aries women is potent and powerful as they do anything with passion and energy. Her character is spontaneous and fun, so she doesn’t need much effort to make everyone fall in love with her.

Leo women are lucky to be naturally charming, after all, they are ruled by the Sun, so cosmically people gravitate to them. In addition, their character is strong, confident and dominant, and when you meet them, you realize their kindness and generosity.

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