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Wolf Moon 2023: how the first full moon of the year will affect your zodiac sign

The start of 2023 will delight us with the first full moon of the year, known as Luna de Lobo, and that will occur on January 6 under the watery sign of Cancerwhose emotional energy will encourage all the signs of the zodiac to listen to their most intimate desires.

This lunation is known in this way because it is the time of year when wolves are heard howling the most while looking for food on the coldest days, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, but for astrological issues, it is when we trust our gut more and validate our own needs.

How will the Wolf Full Moon 2023 impact all zodiac signs? Cancer is a sign that puts emotions first and drives us to make decisions based on our needs. According to the Elite Daily lunar horoscope, this is how it will affect each sign.

The Wolf full moon in Cancer will encourage Aries to listen to their intuition, protect themselves from everything and be in the privacy of their home surrounded by their loved ones.

This lunation will encourage Taurus to express their feelings, ideas and opinions with others, which will help to process these emotions.

Emotions will be associated with your resources and money, so you may want to make some impulse purchases.

You will be looking for emotional support for yourself, that is, it will be a day when you will put your needs first.

The Lobo full moon will make you face the feelings you have been avoiding, so you might feel nostalgic or depressed, however, it will be comforting because it will release them.

You will assume the role of protector as this lunation will encourage you to care for and serve others. The horoscope suggests you only support, not solve the problems of others.

You will be called upon to discuss how emotionally satisfied you are with your work and reputation. Your desire for comfort and job security will be at the forefront.

It will be a day of strong emotions, so it is a good time to lean on your family, loved ones and perform some full moon rituals.

The first full moon of the year will encourage Sagittarius to consider their role in all their intimate relationships; he may find that his needs have not been met.

Romantic relationships will be the main focus during the Wolf Full Moon, so it’s a good time to let others know what you need in love.

You will be encouraged to consider how you have cared for your body and what routines you should incorporate to improve your emotional and physical well-being.

The Cancer full moon will stimulate your creativity and emotional expression, so it will be a good time to channel them through an artistic project or activity.

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