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Wolf Full Moon 2023: which zodiac signs it affects the most

The full moon of January 2023, known as the Wolf Moon, will appear this Friday in Cancer, which, being a water sign, will affect their partners belonging to the same element more i.e. Scorpio and Pisces.

Each element is associated with an aspect of life, water in this case, is linked to emotions, creativity and intuition, so when a full moon occurs in a sign of this element we are likely to have a greater emotional response to everyday situationsexplain astrologers from the Astrology Answers site.

In Cancer, the emotional impulse is more intense with respect to the other signs because it is governed precisely by the Moon, the planet associated with the inner self. It could make us feel more vulnerable and our senses will be more heightened.

What could we experience during the Wolf Full Moon in Cancer? An emotional battle, but since this is Capricorn season, a practical earth sign, we could balance these feelings.

Next, we tell you what to expect Cancer, Scorpio and Piscessigns that will feel this lunation more strongly.

The energy of the January Full Moon in your sign will exalt the most positive traits of your personality such as creative self-expression, sensitivity, feelings, intuition, and the depth of your emotions.

The emotions of all scorpions will be intensely strong, so now will be a good time to approach your relatives to talk about all those issues that have been pending.

Your emotional expression will be at the highest point. It will be easy for Pisces to feel every sensation in her body and can channel it through artistic activities. Also, he will be more receptive to the feelings of others.

Special mention deserves the sign of Capricorn, which being the opposite of Cancer, will also feel the effects of the Wolf Moon with greater intensity. Those who belong to this sign could be overwhelmed by the sudden emotional energy they will feel.

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