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Wixie Cut – spring’s finest short hairstyle

Ready to take the plunge and cut your hair short? Or are you looking for an alternative to a traditional Pixie Cut? Then you should check out the Wixie Cut, spring’s prettiest short hairstyle!

Photo: Instagram @alyssainthecity/@rowanblanchard

What could be better than a new hairstyle for spring? Right now we’re loving the Wixie Cut trend – here’s everything you need to know about this stylish hairstyle.

What is Wixie Cut?

A so-called Wixie Cut is a short cut hairstyle reminiscent of the Pixie Cut, with the difference that the hair is cut “pointy” around the face to frame it in a cool way.

“The back hair and the hair around the ears are a bit longer [än vid en Pixie Cut]and combined with a shorter fringe,” explains hairdresser Sal Salcedo Glamor. “General way is [Wixie Cut] airier in appearance.”

How to style a Wixie Cut

A Wixie Cut can be styled in several different ways depending on taste.

“For a smoother look, apply a creamy styling product to damp hair and brush it forward while blow-drying,” says Sal.

He continues: “For a more mischievous look, apply a light clay wax or pomade and brush the top hair forward while letting the back hair, as well as the hair on the sides, fall down. Scrunch the hair lightly to bring out texture and then shape some of the ‘spiky’ hair trials.”

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