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Without Vadhir and Aislinn, the Derbez show off the decoration of their house for Christmas in their pajamas

The Derbez family, headed by Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo, is a lover of Christmas, however, this year’s festivities were overshadowed by the terrible shoulder injury suffered by the family patriarch, which would have been seen reflected in the little time they had to organize the Christmas decoration of their home and the customary family photo session.

Contrary to what happened in previous years, in which Derbez had managed to gather his four children to take the inevitable photograph in the company of Santa Claus, in this year’s snapshot not only was there no Santa Claus, but his two children were not present either. greater: Vadhir and Aislinnas well as the little kailani. His absence caused speculation on social networks, when it was said that there would be a distance or a fracture between the family.

Vacant places were filled by paola dalaythe girlfriend of Jose Eduardo Derbezas well as by Mrs. gabriela barrerothe mother of Alessandra Rosaldo.

Another peculiarity of the photo is that everyone present wore red and personalized Christmas pajamas, with the exception of Paola, who apparently received the invitation at the last minute, but still managed not to clash with the rest of the members. of the family.

The photo was taken in front of a fireplace decorated with a garland, warm lights and traditional boots, including Vadhir’s and Aislinn’s, as we could tell from the names printed on the upper part of the boots.

The postcard also draws attention for its Christmas Eve flowers and for its tree, which is the traditional green color, illuminated with warm lights and decorated with red, purple, and gold spheres.

The decoration of his cute tree is completed by golden and red bows, as well as all kinds of decorative dolls.

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