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Without underwear Kenia Os poses in an elevator, wearing a red dress with a strap

Kenya Os.

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer for Spotify/Getty Images

Kenya Os has impacted his fans with a series of photos he posted on instagram, in which she appears in an elevator and posing very sensually in a red dress fastened with a strap, revealing that she was not wearing underwear. The message that she wrote next to the images (which have obtained more than a million and a half of likes) was: “Walking to 2023”.

The singer and influencers mexicana showed off her figure to the fullest in a printed jumpsuit and shared many photos taken during the concerts she gave in 2022, accompanying everything with the text: “I will never forget the first time I went on stage after being an artist who grew up in the pandemic and see each other for the first time in person and not through a screen ”.

Kenya Os He does not stop releasing new tracks, and on January 12 he will premiere the video for the single Good boy; meanwhile the clip “The invitation” (which presents it in animated form) has so far achieved more than four million views on Youtube.

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