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Without Dani Alves, the Barcelona Court will debate this Thursday if the footballer will remain in pretrial detention or if he will be able to leave

This Thursday February 16 the Court of Barcelona will hold a session in which they will address the issue of the provisional detention of Dani Alves, at the request of the footballer’s defense that they allow him to go on provisional release, something that the public prosecutor’s office and the accusing party oppose.

It is worth remembering that the former player of UNAM cougars He was denounced for sexual abuse and is under preventive detention at the Brians 2 prison while his case is being investigated, due to a flight risk due to the footballer’s nationality, since there is no extradition agreement between Spain and Brazil.

At the insistence of Alves’ lawyers, the third section of The Court of Barcelona called a hearing so that all parties present their arguments and a decision can be made. It is worth mentioning that the footballer will not be physically or virtually present.

Although the Court of Barcelona does not have to immediately resolve the appeal filed by the footballer’s defenseThis will help to maintain or change the decision of preventive detention in the coming days.

What are the arguments of Dani Alves’ defense to get him out of prison?

In the appeal filed on January 30 against the arrest warrant of the investigating judge, the player’s lawyer, Cristóbal Martell, argued that there is no risk of flight on which the magistrate relied to send him to jail, taking into account that Alves voluntarily went to testify before the Mossos and that it no longer has the “economic muscle of periodic income” that the instructor attributed to him.

In this sense, he reasoned that he had been fired from Pumas, the Mexican club in which he playedand that, as a result of his accusation of violation, several sponsorship, publicity and image contracts that he had signed with different brands have been terminated.

In addition, the player’s legal team offered other less burdensome measures than jail, such as handing over his passport, wearing a telematic bracelet to stay away from the victim, paying the bail that is necessary and appearing, even daily, in court.

Why do the Prosecutor’s Office and the alleged victim’s lawyers oppose Dani Alves’ release from prison?

In a report, the Prosecutor’s Office argues that, despite everything, the risk of flight persists and that the indications that he committed the alleged violation for which he entered prison on January 20 last.

In that same document, the public ministry rejected the precautionary measures of passport withdrawal, daily appearances in court and the use of a telematic bracelet that his defense proposes.

For his part, The young woman who denounced the rape also asked the Barcelona Court to keep the soccer player in prison, alleging that the risk of flight persists, given his high economic resources, as the owner of several companies in Spain and Brazil.

In her brief presented on February 9 before the Barcelona Court, Ester García, the young woman’s lawyer, opposed the appeal filed by Alves’ defense, refuting the arguments that there is no risk of the footballer escaping from the action of justice and opposed, like the Prosecutor’s Office, the alternative measures that he proposed, including wearing a telematic bracelet that guarantees that he is located.

Another of the prosecution’s arguments is that Alves has dual Spanish and Brazilian nationality and that there is no extradition agreement between the two countries, an argument that the investigating judge used at the time when she agreed to send him to prison without bail.

*With information from EFE

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