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Without a bra, Demi Rose poses lying on the floor and wearing a transparent dress

DemiRose He has looked very happy on his trip to Egypt, sharing on his Twitter account instagram many photos and videos showing her in various outfits. She showed off her attributes by lying on the floor, while she modeled a transparent dress that she revealed that she was not wearing a bra.

The beauty influencers British also posed on a balcony, showing off her rear and wearing a sparkly minidress. In a clip she showed the looks that he drives during his trip, wearing a black wig that reaches down to his shoulders.

Almost all the outfits that DemiRose He has worn on his journey they have been of a golden color; thus, she could be seen walking through the temple of Edfu in a long dress that highlighted her hips, but she also put on green eyeglasses while admiring the pyramids.

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