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Without a bra, Belinda poses very sexy, wearing a tight blue top with straps

Several years Belinda combines her career as a singer with that of a model for various brands, and now she surprised her fans with a video in which she is very sexy as the image of an energy drink, wearing a tight blue top with straps, which revealed that she was not wearing a bra.

The 33-year-old artist also posed as a “living doll” inside a boxy set, showing off her figure in a pink, side-slit dress; it was all for the jewelry brand campaign allwhich is one of his favourites.

Belinda said goodbye to 2022 on the beach, but before the holidays he took some selfies that caused a sensation among their millions of followers in instagram. She showed off her statuesque figure in a champagne-colored minidress with a corset included, and wrote the message “last of 2022 💛✨✨” as a complement.

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