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Withdrawals available for those who worked with a formal contract between 1971 and 1988

Firstly, it is important to know that Caixa Econômica Federal has about R$ 22 billion available in workers’ rights, who carried out their duties with a formal contract from 1971 to 1988. PIS/PASEP extinguished.

What this article covers:

Find out who is entitled to withdraw the PIS/Pasep

Generally, workers who have CLT registration in private companies and have the number of the social integration program (PIS). In the case of civil servants, they have the PASEP number.

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These benefits are like a kind of 14th salary paid to low-income workers, including values ​​that can reach up to a minimum wage, so that it varies with the period worked.

How to query the PIS/Pasep through the INSS?

To carry out the PIS consultation through the CPF, the means to be done is through the Meu INSS website, using the document number itself. Select the option continue if you have a registration and then, the worker must access My Registration on the home page, as that will be where the PIS/NIT and CPF data will be shown.

How to withdraw PIS/Pasep quotas?

First, it is necessary to comment that the redemption of these amounts will be available until May 31, 2025. If for some reason, this deadline has passed, no citizen will be able to access the amount again and the amount will be returned to the Union.

Redeeming PIS/Pasep quotas is a simple task. Just go to a Caixa Econômica branch with your ID or driver’s license and that’s it, the amount will be released.

How to withdraw in case of death of holder?

In the event of the death of the holder, the heirs must appear at the Caixa Econômica branch with their RG or driver’s license, in addition to the death certificate and inventory of the deceased. The heir needs to have all the holder’s information to be able to receive the PIS/PASEP amounts. From that moment on, the amount will be available for withdrawal.

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