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With this charging system you can power devices 30 meters away • ENTER.CO

One of the features that users now pay most attention to when buying a cell phone is the hours of autonomy it offers. This is why mobile phone manufacturers have been working on different charging systems, both in terms of model and power. We have seen cell phones that promise to charge in 15 minutes, others that maintain wireless charging, but none is enough.

Now, a group of researchers from Sejong University in South Korea has developed a new wireless charging method. Experts have managed to transmit about 400Mw (million watts) of optical power. The experts sought to maintain a power of such magnitude to be able to support wireless charging to electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets that are not nearby. So far, the charging system reaches about 100 feet, that is 30 meters around it with the help of its integrated infrared laser.

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The system is made up of two main parts: a transmitter that can be installed inside a room and a receiver that can be integrated into any electronic device. The first nourishes the second by means of optical energy; they can be connected as long as they are both within range. In the event that its transmission path is blocked by a person or object, the method automatically switches to a safe, but lower power transmission mode.

The system is still in testing and they hope to include improvements such as charging multiple devices simultaneously. At the moment they have not teamed up with any manufacturer to provide the new charging system. However, last year, OPPO, Xiaomi and Motorola introduced air charging, but none of them brought their technology for sale. For now, we have this new system as the new evolution of chargers for cell phones and other portable devices.

Image: Unsplash

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