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With the digital ID you do not need a passport for these countries • ENTER.CO

The National Registry of Civil Status announced that the digital ID has been approved as a travel document. For this reason, those who have or process their identity card will be able to travel to several countries without having to present their passport. These with those countries.

Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay are the nations to which you can travel and you will not have to show your passport. Didier Chilito, National Director of Identification, said that those who possess this document will be able to travel to the countries that are part of the Andean Community and only present the identity card. This is because the digital ID issued by the Colombian authority has high international standards, such as those of the International Civil Aviation organization. The card contains all the data and requirements requested by this organization to authorize the movement of people in the terminals of the countries.

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From now on you can start using this document to travel to these countries. In addition, it is important to know that even the physical ID with holograms is still a valid document for national identification.

How to get the ID?

For those who are interested in obtaining their digital ID in Colombia, they must follow a series of steps through the National Registry of Civil Status. However, it is important that you know that processing this ID is not mandatory, unless you want to travel to one of the countries that we mentioned above and you do not have a passport. The procedure is simple and you will only have to pay a value of 55,750 Colombian pesos. To achieve the issuance of the digital ID you will have to have an appointment that you can schedule through the Registry page in the appointments link.

Once there, you must click on the Digital ID Process button, accept the processing of personal data and complete the form to schedule the appointment on the available dates. Once you get the appointment and go to carry out this procedure, you will be able to receive your identity card and make use of the benefit of traveling to countries of the Andean Community of Nations without a passport.

Image: Registrasduria.gov.co

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