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With iOS 16 you will be able to see the battery percentage of your cell phone again • ENTER.CO

The first time we saw an iPhone that kept the battery percentage visible was in 2009 with the arrival of the iPhone 3GS. However, we all know how fickle Apple is, so the changes it makes to its phones are often arbitrary and without notice. That being said, the company eliminated the battery percentage for the year 2017 with the arrival of the notch in the iPhone X.

Finally, the company seems to have listened (finally) to its users, who asked to be able to see the battery percentage to be sure of the energy that their phones have left. As discussed on TechCrunch, the company added the actual numerical percentage of power next to the battery icon. This no doubt pleases users who are tired of seeing their devices run out of power in unquantifiable increments.

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This function is currently available in the latest beta version of iOS 16, so you will not see the numerical percentage on your phone yet. In fact, as we always mention with these types of features, they may or may not make it to the final version of the operating system. However, looking at the timeline of Android, its main competition, they have never stopped presenting the battery percentage. While, as we mentioned, Apple did have the luxury of doing without it for several years.

The numerical percentage is expected to remain in the final version that would arrive in September of this year with the landing of iOS 16. Likewise, it is expected that, if the function reaches the final version, the iPhone 14, which is also expected arrive in September, also bring an update with this useful option.

Image: Sami Fathi/ Unsplash

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