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With dinosaurs and skulls, these are the most exotic Christmas decorations of celebrities

This is how you light up the most eccentric Christmas decorations of celebrities.

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Although several celebrities stood out for their good taste and elegance, there were many others who opted to please their children, to satisfy their guilty desires and even to decorate rooms that we do not usually see decorated, such as the bedroom and even the bathroom, being that the reason why we decided to include your decorations among the most exotic of the present Christmas season and the battle for first place is quite close.

We share below the most exotic Christmas decorations of celebrities in this 2022.

Martha debayle

The Mexican presenter caused a tremendous stir, literally, on social networks with the very original decoration of her house for Christmas, having decided on an unconventional tree, since it is made up of synthetic bird feathers. As they read it.

“As you know I love feathers and I said: ‘Where can I get a feather tree’ and as I always tell you: Believe in your dreams and don’t give up until you get what you want and that’s what happened with this tree that, logical reasons, there was no need to put any more decoration on it because the feathers are more than enough”, explained the also radio announcer.

Banana Clown

If it was about attracting attention, the clown Platanito, without a doubt, achieved his goal, since there was no one who did not talk about his spooky Christmas tree, which was decorated with skulls, with scary clowns, with doll heads, with mummies, while the top of its tree was adorned with a human skull.

“The Christmas tree that my wife invented 😱😱😱 I loved it” reads the message with which he accompanied his video published on Instagram and which he set to music with the theme ‘The Christmas Tree’.

Alejandra Espinoza

Through a video, published on her Instagram account, the winner of ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ in 2007 shared with her fans that in her Christmas decoration she pleased Aiden Matteo, her son, who is a lover of dinosaurs, in everything. so these majestic beings were the great protagonists.

“If it wasn’t dinosaurs, what else could it be 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🎄😬😬😬 #christmasdecor #christmastree #dinosuar”, wrote the also presenter in the description of her video, who musicalized the material with the theme ‘Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree’ by Brenda Lee.

kim kardashian

Why decorate the hall, the dining room or the living room, if I can decorate the bathroom of my bedroom with nine trees? Perhaps that was the question that the socialite asked herself when deciding how she would attract attention this Christmas.

The trees, which can be seen through a huge window, were only decorated with warm lights and stars at the top, but they still look spectacular and very exotic.

Kylie Jenner

Through a video, shared on her social networks, Kendall Jenner’s sister gave samples of the imposing tree that she installed in her house, which attracts attention due to its large dimensions, which caused some of her followers to criticize her and point out that this would look beautiful in Rockefeller Center, but not in a house. What do you think?

“Beautiful for a public square, not a house”, “Why can’t they do normal people’s things? Come on man!”; “Shocking boast of wealth when so many hungry and poor children will look at this post. Modesty”; These are just some of the comments that have been left.

nigris poncho

The Mexican influencer apparently took having a movie Christmas tree very literally, since its decoration is not made up of the usual spheres, candy canes, stars, snowflakes and other elements alluding to the season. , but for a movie clapperboard, an ornament with the word ticket, a bucket for corn sprinkles, film tapes, cameras, among other decorations alluding to the seventh art.

On one side of their tree they put a corn sprinkle machine, so your children will be the most spoiled every time they visit your little tree.

Caroline Sandoval

Following the example of Kim Kardashian, the Venezuelan influencer left traditional places aside and focused part of her efforts on decorating her bedroom for Christmas, which brought her some criticism on social networks. “My heart, you don’t know how special you make me feel… thank you for your art, because this is a work of art ❤️ the first time my room has been decorated on this date and I’m happy. I sit in Santa’s house 🤣 ”, wrote ‘La Venenosa’ on her Instagram account.

His tree, which was placed in a corner of his room, not only draws attention for its location, but also for being made up of beautiful red Christmas Eve flowers.

What is for you the most exotic decoration of this Christmas season?

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