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With David Faitelson and Fernando Scwartz: National Lottery will sell tickets with the image of various journalists from Mexico

David Faitelson commentator for ESPN.

Photo: Edwin Bazan / Imago7

David Faitelson and Fernando Scwartz are some of the most controversial journalists in the media in Mexico, because day by day their opinions generate many points of view about different teams and even sports at a national and international level. However, now they are in the news, together with other communication professionals, due to their participation in the National Lottery.

Through social networks, It was known that the National Lottery will use their image, and that of other personalities, for what will be the millionaire tickets used by many people in Mexico.

However, this is not all, as the agency for Public Assistance announced that this new series of lottery tickets for the Superior Draw that will distribute 17 million pesos in prizes, about $900,983 US dollars. In addition, it is known that each ‘little piece’ It costs 40 Mexican pesos, about $2 dollars each.

Mexican journalists who will be part of this initiative of the Sports Journalist Hall

As we said, there is a long list of journalists born in Mexico who will be part of this special game that will be played on February 24, in which they are: Jorge Bermejo, Abraham Toledano, Abril del Río, Andrés Guevara, Armando Camarena, Artemio Cano, David Faitelson, Edgar Mendoza.

However, these are not all, as it is known that Enrique Burak, Esteban López, Evencio Flores, Gerardo Mendoza, Jorge Aguilar, Jorge Guzmán, Jose Garduno, Juan M Damián, José M Santoyo, Norberto Gasque and Rosalinda Coronado will also be present.

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