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With a witch on the balcony of her house, this is how Shakira would keep an eye on Piqué’s mother

Shakira would have put a witch in her house in order to keep an eye on her ex-mother-in-law.

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The Colombian singer Shakira, 45 years old and who is on everyone’s lips for the musical theme that she launched against Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend, returned to give something to talk about after a friend of the former soccer player announced that the born In Barranquilla, he would have, on one of the balconies of his house in Barcelona, ​​a witch who looks directly at the house of his ex-in-laws, with the aim, perhaps, of keeping an eye on Mrs. Montserrat Bernabéu, the mother of his ex, whom he even refers to in one of the verses of his hit song. “You left my mother-in-law as a neighbor, with the press at the door and the debt in the Treasury,” Shakira is heard singing.

“Shakira, for three months, has hung in her house, on one of the terraces and directed to the kitchen of her in-laws’ house, a life-size witch,” he declared. Jordi Baste to the radio program ‘El Món a RAC1.

In addition to talking about the supposed figure that the interpreter of ‘Monotonía’ hung up in her house, Piqué’s faithful friend came out in defense of his mother, assuring that what Shakira did was totally disrespectful for the woman of senior citizen, who also has an impressive name and resume.

“Talking about the mother-in-law, who is manual machismo, the children’s grandmother. She is one of the most valued doctors in the fight for neurorehabilitation, ”continued the confidant of the former Barcelona and Spain National Team defender.

Jordi Basté also took time to talk about the rest of the lyrics of ‘Session #53’, which he described as unbearable and intolerable.

“It is a song of torn love, unleashed hatred and suppressed rage. The lyrics are unbearably harsh and, in my opinion, intolerable”, explained the interviewee.

Basté’s stories about the witch were confirmed by the journalist Marc Leiradowho explained that the figure would have achieved its goal, since Mrs. Montserrat feels frightened by her mere presence, which would have led her to ask her employees to remove her or leave her looking the other way, since she cannot live feeling her penetrating gaze.

“The mother was very worried, it was a violent situation for her. She gave him a bad vibe because she was so ugly,” she concluded.

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