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With a clean face, Ximena Duque opens her heart and reveals why she is “fighting” with makeup

Ximena Duke It has been characterized by making its social networks a space for personal and social growth.because through his publications he has shown the challenges he has faced physically and emotionally.

Proof of this is his most recent live on Instagram, where The Colombian opened up about the lessons she has learned over the years; one of them is related to makeup and the perspective he has of it.

According to Duque, his “fight” with makeup was not born as a result of some aesthetic consequence. In fact, It’s a positive reason: she’s so happy in her own skin that she prefers to go without makeup whenever she can.

“I’m half struggling with makeup, I should at least cover my dark circles,” she told her millions of followers. “There are days when you want to have your face washed, free of makeup. And the older I get, the less makeup I want to wear,” she added.

This statement did not come as a surprise to her fans, who have witnessed the importance that Ximena Duque gives to taking care of her physical and emotional appearance. And it is that From her profile, she shares the occasional postcard of her day-to-day life, including her intense exercise and skin care routines.

As a result of her discipline and commitment to a healthy life, the comedian of melodramas such as “Corazón Valiente” and “La Casa de al lado” has a figure and complexion of heart attack, attributes that she has not hesitated to show through various images. .

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