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With a blazer and mini skirt, Zuleyka Rivera stood “sideways” to show off her heart-stopping figure

Zuleyka Rivera | Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Photo: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Tremendous stir caused the beauty queen zuleyka rivera after leading a photo session that brought out its most sensual facet and reflected the success experienced during this 2022. What was the reason for said session? Read on to find out.

The former Miss Universe unleashed sighs on Instagram thanks to the photographs published by the magazine ‘Buena Vida’ in commemoration of last year’s edition and the celebration of its 32nd anniversary.

“We are celebrating not only Christmas but also our 32nd anniversary as a magazine, bringing you current topics in health, wellness, fitness, beauty and nutrition. Y what better than having our dearest Zuleyka Rivera on the cover, who has proven herself in various disciplinesdemonstrating that with passion, dedication and love, you can achieve everything you set your mind to”, reads the publication made by the magazine.

As expected, the post did not take long to collect thousands of likes and comments thanks to the sensual photograph that adorns the December cover of said magazine.

In it, the former participant of the reality show “Top Chef VIP” wore a hot red set made up of a blazer and mini skirt that showed her attributes: her “steel” abdomen and kilometric legs.

It should be noted that in addition to surprising with the stunning outfits that I rock for each of her photographs, Zuleyka Rivera opened her heart and opened up to the magazine about her relationship with her son and her lifestyle.

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