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Winter wedding decor ideas

Most brides choose spring or summer as the ideal season to get married. However, winter wedding offers advantages for both the couple and the guests.

Winter wedding decor matches candles and warm colors. (Photo: Disclosure)

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winter wedding decor

• O winter wedding it can be designed in the Mini wedding style, that is, aimed at a few guests and with the ability to preserve a welcoming atmosphere;

• A way of appreciate the delicious winter weather it is betting on a place with a fireplace to hold the wedding party;

• To create a cozy atmosphere, the wedding party can be organized at an inn, hotel or even backyard;

• To save money and ensure a lasting decoration, it is worth investing in winter wedding flowers, such as gardenias, lilies, buttercups, daisies, holly;

• The typical winter cold can be minimized through the colors chosen in decoration🇧🇷 To warm up spaces, it is recommended to work with warm tones, such as yellow, orange and red;

Cozy table decorated with candles. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Textile elements play an important role in winter decorationas is the case with cushions, curtains and blankets;

• Candles are decorative items capable of warm up the room and create a romantic mood. They can be used as centerpieces or placed on pedestals;

• It is worth including ‘warm’ lounges in the wedding party decoration;

• It is essential to check if the party’s location is well heated. If the space is too cold, guests will feel uncomfortable and may leave.

Winter weddings and their advantages

Environment with fireplace for winter wedding. (Photo: Disclosure)

• During the winter, the prices of places to rent tend to be cheaper;

🇧🇷 get married in the cold it can be a great opportunity to organize an intimate ceremony;

• A winter wedding is ideal for serving a hot supper, with soups and broths;

• If the couple intends to move to honeymoon on the beachwinter weddings can be very advantageous, after all, during the cold season tour packages become more accessible;

• In winter, the bride and groom don’t need to worry about booking the church or ballroom so far in advance;

• In winter, the bride has more freedom to wear an exuberant outfit, with details in embroidery, gemstones and long sleeves;

• In winter weddings, there is no need to worry about late afternoon storms;

• An interesting souvenir suggestion: customize blankets with the initials of the bride and groom and distribute to the guests.

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