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Winter solstice 2022: rituals to attract prosperity

One of the most mystical moments of the year is When does the winter solstice occur? because its spiritual meaning tells us that it is the perfect time to leave behind the bad and plant the seeds of prosperity for the year that has just begun.

Rituals to celebrate the arrival of winter serve to channel the energy of new beginningsand it is that the longest night of the year is a moment of renewal as it symbolizes the hope that daylight will come out again.

The arrival of winter has an interesting effect on nature, for example, we see that trees and plants look almost leafless, while animals tend to hibernate, this behavior is done to have all the energy once spring arrives.

A similar effect is the one that causes the winter solstice in the spiritual plane, for which reason It is the ideal time to celebrate your arrival by planting the seeds of prosperity through rituals.

Next, learn about some ritual options that you can do on December 21.

release ritual

With this ritual you will leave behind the energetic and spiritual darkness to begin this new clean cycle of any negativity, explains WeMystic, author of this rite. The materials that we will use are: 2 sheets of paper and a red candle.

On the first sheet write down the things you want to leave behind or all the bad things that have happened during the year, while on the second write down goals and dreams that you want to fulfill in 2023. Light the candle with a match and burn the first sheet , when it’s on fire, be thankful for the learnings you got from all the bad things that happened to you. Now burn the second paper and visualize how your dreams and desires rise to heaven.

Agenda ritual to attract your dreams

With this type of ritual, what we want is to always keep our New Year’s resolutions in mind so as not to lose sight of them. On the day the solstice occurs, get an agenda or in a new notebook write down the 12 months of the year.

In each month write a goal or a dream that you want to fulfill; light an incense and pass it through the notebook. You should always keep it on hand to review your goals.

ritual bath

This ritual is to cleanse our body of all negative energies. In a large pot, boil water with a generous handful of sea salt and a stick of cinnamon. Let it rest and when it is at a comfortable temperature for your body, go to the shower and pour this concoction from the neck down.

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