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Winter Solstice 2022: how it will affect the signs of the zodiac

With the winter solstice It will happen this Wednesday, December 21 we will experience the longest night of the year and consequently fewer hours of daylight, which astrologically will have effects on the mood of the zodiac signs.

At the same time that winter enters, the Sun begins its journey through Capricorn and we will officially start the season of this earth sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of structures and discipline. How will these two events affect the zodiac signs?

It is possible that Aries will discover a new path to evolve as a person and professional aspirations, said Lisa Stardust’s horoscope published in Cosmopolitan. The recommendation is to think about the direction she wants her career to take.

The winter solstice will assure your sign that the chosen path is the correct one and only small things are necessary to correct the course. A change in perspective will give you the clarity you need, Stardust said.

Your feelings could start to get confused, so it will be a good time to rely on your instincts instead of logic, so you can find a middle ground.

The arrival of winter is a reminder not to invest all your energy in others. While it’s okay to share, sometimes it’s okay to be selfish about your needs as well.

Many activities will come to your schedule so before you accept all the commitments, you must find out how much time you can spend in your day to take care of these matters. The key will be to organize and prioritize.

If you are in a relationship, it is possible that the winter solstice prompts you to commit yourself this season, if you are single, it portends a new romance, the astrologer pointed out.

As the temperature drops, you will want to settle into your most comfortable chair while enjoying a hot drink and seasonal food. This means that the home will be a priority for you.

The winter solstice encourages you to get back in touch with family and friends you haven’t heard from in a while. You should make an effort for those you appreciate.

Your sign wants to get out of the normal routine and live a new experience. Taking a short trip out of town will allow you to satisfy this need while also digging into your deep feelings.

The energy of the winter solstice has a magical meaning for you as it begins your astrological month. Adopt a more optimistic attitude and incorporate affirmations into your routine to fill yourself with positivity.

Your sign will want to take some time off to relax your mind and release stress. The astrologer recommends an activity that is not tedious and allows you to focus on the present.

The winter solstice will fuel your helping spirit, so it’s a good time to align yourself with humanitarian efforts, like volunteering, organizing a toy drive for the kids, and donating clothes to the homeless.

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