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Winter skin care: 10 precious tips

Did you know there is winter skin care indispensable, so that the dermis remains healthy, beautiful and hydrated?

In effect, the cold and dry air it can cause some itching and dryness, leaving the skin red and, in some cases, irritated. It’s no wonder that, more often than we’d like to admit, the skin starts to flake, getting drier and drier.

Even the things that make winter wonderful, like sitting by a fire drinking coffee and watching a movie, can dry out your skin.

And although taking a very hot bath may seem like an excellent idea to warm up, especially at this time of confinement, hot water dries out the skin, eliminating its natural oils.

Check out our tips below, make some changes to your beauty routine and say hello to radiant skin on both your face and body.

Winter skin care: 10 essential tips for flawless skin


Buy a home humidifier

Did you know that using a humidifier at home will add moisture to the air, which will help keep your skin hydrated?

So put a humidifier in the rooms you spend most of your time in, including your bedroom and the room you’re working in, now that telecommuting has become a reality for many.

But if buying one or more humidifiers is a little out of the family budget, try putting a bowl of water in the rooms where you have the heaters on. It does not have the same effect as a humidifier, but it helps the air to be drier and more purified.

When it’s cold outside, the tendency is to increase the temperature inside the house.

But central heat can make the air even drier. Try to set the thermostat to a temperature where you can get a cool and comfortable environment to keep your skin healthy. Preferably between 20ºC and 22ºC, ideal for winter skin care.


Reduce bath time and temperature

We already know that, with the cold and confinement, what you really want is a long, hot bath.

But for the skin, very hot water is not the best. A warm bath for 5 to 10 minutes is ideal for keeping her healthy.

The same applies when you go to wash your hands, which is something you do more frequently throughout the day. You should avoid using excessively hot water, preferring lukewarm or cold water.


Opt for gentle, fragrance-free beauty products

There are many women who have allergic reactions to fragrances in beauty products. In this sense, if you have sensitive skin, choose products suitable for your skin type, and without perfume.

This simple change can bring a lot of health to your skin.


Match facial products to the season

During the winter months, choose cream cleansers and avoid using too aggressive toners, as they tend to dry the skin.

Also, when your skin is dry and itchy, it is recommended that you stop using products that contain alcohol and fragrances, to help your skin retain the natural oils present in its layers.

And don’t forget that it’s very important to moisturize both morning and night, with a fatter cream than the one you use in other seasons of the year.

Also do not forget about the lips. Applying a moisturizing balm frequently not only prevents your lips from drying out, it can also help heal dry, chapped lips.

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Moisturize often, especially your hands

Washing your hands is vital, especially during the pandemic, but the truth is that constant washing, as well as frequent use of hand sanitizer, will make your hands suffer and dry.

Always carry a good moisturizer with you and use it frequently after washing your hands.


apply sunscreen

Even on winter days, the sun shines and UV rays remain harmful to the skin.

This means that you should always opt for beauty products with a sun protection factor (SPF), in order to keep your skin protected and away from the aging caused by the sun’s rays.


Wear suitable, comfortable and non-irritating clothing

Many cold weather fabrics can exacerbate dry skin. Avoid synthetic fibres, which do not allow the skin to breathe, and rough clothes that are in direct contact with the skin, as this can cause irritation and itching.

Instead, use lightweight layers made from soft, breathable materials directly on your skin. Only then put on your heaviest and warmest clothes.

Remember that you also need to protect your hands from the cold winter air with gloves. However, you should choose a pair that does not irritate your skin, fur or wool.


Remember to eat well and stay hydrated.

Often, when the skin is very dry, we can give it an extra helping hand with our diet.

Foods or supplements that contain fatty acids such as omega 3 or omega 6, such as fish oil and linseed oil, can be included in the diet.

Drinking between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day is also highly recommended for healthier skin.


Change wet clothes quickly

If it has caught rain and is soaked, it is important to change quickly. Staying in wet clothes or shoes can further irritate the skin and cause itching or even redness.

As you can see, all these tips are very easy to put into practice. And the best part is that they will help you to have more beautiful, vibrant and healthy skin. Even on the coldest days.

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