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winter paradises so close

Lots to offer, slopes for all levels, good hospitality. We suggest 10 snow destinations in Spain to make the most of winter.

The proximity means that we can make the most of the snow destinations in spain, whether with family or friends. It is the guarantee of a few days well spent in estancias that have a lot of experience in knowing how to receive.

And yes, there are many more exciting places in the world to winter break?? However, one must take into account the distance, time and money required to get there. As such, these snow destinations in Spain are much more practical and accessible. Find out what they are.

10 snow destinations in Spain to discover now

Right next door, we find snow destinations in Spain with ski resorts that offer an excellent quality/price ratio. Discover them!

This ski resort is close to Reinosa and is one of the main ones in the Cantabrian Sea, being included in the famous and impressive Picos de Europa and, as such, receives many visitors from the Basque Country and also from Castilla and Leon??

It’s one of the biggest resorts of the Cantabrian mountains, whose base is a city specially built for this purpose called Brañavieja?? There you will find several apartments for your stay, as well as an elevator that gives access to the resort??


  • 28 kilometers of slopes;
  • Maximum altitude of 2250 meters.

It is considered the most demanding “skiable” place in the Pyrenees and has a privileged climate, which makes it possible to have snow in sufficient quantity and quality throughout the season.

Baqueira-Beret consists of three distinct zones, all of them interconnected, starting with Baqueira, suitable for beginners; following up beret, with slopes for experienced skiers; and, to finish, bonaiguathe best sector for those who prefer to practice off-piste skiing.


  • 157 kilometers of slopes;
  • 105 tracks;
  • 2510 meters altitude.

This is the highest resort in the Pyrenees area and, as such, is considered a true paradise for families and snowboarderssince it brings together all the attractions for a complete holiday, even for those traveling with children, as there are plenty of options to entertain the youngest.


  • 47 kilometers of slopes;
  • 48 tracks;
  • 2751 meters altitude.

Cerler is the resort with the greatest difference in level in the Pyrenees area, with excellent guidance and a good layout of tracks. If the snow that falls is not enough to ensure the quality of the tracks, don’t worry, as there are countless and giant cannons that produce artificial snow.


  • 79 kilometers of slopes;
  • 67 tracks;
  • 2630 meters altitude.

Formigal is one of the most modern resorts in Spain, as it was recently renovated and expanded to such an extent that it is now considered a true paradise for skiing and snowboard??


  • 178 kilometers of slopes;
  • 144 tracks;
  • 2250 meters altitude.

This ski resort is made up of small areas that have been added in recent years, including the Andorraquite famous and which allows you to feel the modernity and size of the infrastructure, and you also pay for it…


  • 210 kilometers of slopes;
  • 128 tracks;
  • 67 cable cars.

In La Molina, there are two different resorts, where snow, natural or artificial, is never lacking. Both are very modern and functional, offering countless activities, entertainment options and quality restaurants. Best of all is the scenery full of trees, which looks like something out of a real postcard.


  • 68 kilometers of slopes;
  • 63 tracks;
  • 2445 meters altitude.
Snow track in Baqueira-Beret

saw of Béjar is characterized by being a region of gently sloping slopes, which are always very well maintained and, as such, provide incredible conditions for skiing and snowboard??


  • 20 kilometers of slopes;
  • 24 lanes;
  • 2369 meters altitude.

sierra nevada is one of the most sought after snow destinations in Spain by the Portuguese, not only because it is very close, but also because it has excellent conditions.

Whether for skiing or snowboardfor beginners or true expertsat sierra nevada there is room for everyone, in addition to an extensive hotel offer and lots of entertainment after a day of outdoor sports.


  • 106.8 kilometers of slopes;
  • 128 tracks;
  • 3300 meters altitude.

Very close to Andorra la Vella, we find vallnord: the perfect resort for a few days of vacation in the snow, very peaceful and with various typical activities and other less usual ones, namely hiking and cycling, which guarantees a greater flow of visitors.


  • 63 kilometers of slopes in the middle of a wooded area;
  • 47 ski slopes;
  • 26 kilometers of slopes in the Ordino-Arcalis sector;
  • 1,010 meters high.

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