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Winter Garden Plants

Wanting to know more about winter garden plants🇧🇷 Be sure to read the following article, in which we will comment on the main types of plants used in this area of ​​the house so loved by many people.

Winter garden plants (Illustrative Photo)

In addition to giving a new face to your home or apartment, consisting of a different style of decoration, the winter garden is also a great option for people who want to bring more green into their homes.

And for that, you need to know which plants to choose to place in your winter garden, as there are some that adapt better to indoor spaces, remembering that you also need to take into account the size of the space, the availability to take care of the plants and the available budget.

Winter garden 10 models to make your own

What this article covers:

winter garden plants

Spear of Saint George (Illustrative Photo)

In addition to the decorative objects and the glass ceiling, present in the more traditional versions of the winter garden, the plants also draw attention in these places, making the space even more beautiful, elegant, attractive and comfortable, since they are responsible for the landscaping. .

Generally speaking, the best plants for winter garden are those that adapt best to the interior of the residence, where the luminosity may not be as strong as in open areas.

That is, they need to be resistant, easy to maintain and cannot have very deep roots or a lot of volume, especially if they are housed in pots (if the winter garden is set up in a spacious house, it is possible to be more daring in these characteristics).

Among the plants and flowers for the winter garden, some of the most used in Brazil are:

– Fern

– Peace lily

– Anthurium

– Spear of Saint George

– Nobody can with me

– Shade or semi-shade bromeliads

– Calendula

– English daisy

– hellebore

– ornamental cabbage

– Lion’s mouth

– Garden pansies

– Pau d’água

– Zamioculca

– Echeveria

– mini cactus

– Chamaedorea

– Pleomele

– Violet

– Aloe vera

winter garden furniture

How to set up a winter garden

There are several styles of winter garden (Illustrative Photo)

How to set up a winter garden🇧🇷 This is a common question for many people. Regarding the location, if your house does not have a specific area for this purpose, you can improvise, making the garden under the stairs, in attached rooms, on the porch or in the service area, for example.

The essential thing is that the garden receives a good amount of natural light, which can be improved by installing a glass roof or glass door, as in more conventional gardens. It is good to pay attention to the ventilation of the space.

And in addition to choosing the most suitable plants, such as the examples mentioned above, you should also decorate the garden to make it even more beautiful, using decorative stones, vases (of the most varied types) and various other elements, depending on the style chosen. (there are rustic, minimalist, modern gardens, etc).

Depending on the size of the place where the garden was set up, you can even place armchairs, chairs or sofas, with the area becoming a space to receive visitors, read a book, listen to music or simply to relax and contemplate your plants.

Maintenance is key

The traditional fern (Illustrative Photo)

And to keep the beauty of your winter garden up to date, it is essential to maintain the space frequently, removing dead leaves, applying fungicides and using fertilizer, according to the characteristics of the plant species in the garden. place.

What you also cannot forget is to water the plants and clean the space, so that the plants will always be beautiful and your winter garden will have an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Photos of plants for your winter garden

Ideas for decorating the winter garden

Check out some images below from plants to use in the winter garden and also pictures of finished winter gardens, for you to be inspired.

Peace Lily (Illustrative Photo)

With Me-Nobody-Can (Illustrative Photo)

English Daisy (Illustrative Photo)

Ornamental cabbage (Illustrative Photo)

Mini cacti (Illustrative Photo)

Hellebore (Illustrative Photo)

Garden pansy (Photo Illustrative)

Pleomele (Illustrative Photo)

Chamaedorea (Illustrative Photo)

Echeveria (Illustrative Photo)

The winter gardens give the residence a new face (Illustrative Photo)

They can appear in different places in the house (Illustrative Photo)

Winter garden under the stairs (Illustrative Photo)

The decoration varies according to the plants and the desired style (Illustrative Photo)

Another example of a garden under the stairs (Illustrative Photo)

The place must have good natural lighting (Illustrative Photo)

It is necessary to take care of the frequent maintenance of the garden (Illustrative Photo)

A glass roof can be great for the winter garden (Illustrative Photo)

It can bring several other elements (Illustrative Photo)

A well-assembled winter garden can even become a space to rest and relax (Illustrative Photo)

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