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Winner “On track” 2023 – Marie Agerhäll and Fritte Fritzson

With their 46 points, it was the debut couple Marie Agerhäll and Fritte Fritzson who claimed the win in this year’s round of “På spåret”. “I get to invite Marie to a seafood platter and champagne,” says Fritte to Aftonbladet.

Photo: TV4

After an exciting season of the popular television program “På spåret”, it was Marie Agerhäll and Fritte Fritzson who took home the win. The final was fought against Cecilia Düringer and Jonatan Unge, but with 46 points, debutants Marie and Fritte took home the win. “On the track” is in its 33rd season but continues to be as loved by viewers as ever, and the finale did not disappoint!

Won against last year’s winner

Last year’s winners, Jonathan Unge and Cecilia Düringer, thus lost to the newcomers. The destinations that were visited were Mora, Santiago and Florence and although both teams performed well, it was Unge and Düringer who ended up with the lowest score level in the end. For Fritte Fritzson, it was a matter of course to appear in the program when he was asked, he tells The evening paper. Marie Agerhäll, on the other hand, was more doubtful. “I brooded over it for a long time because I thought it wasn’t my thing. But then my husband said that it was so incredibly obvious to say yes. So then I did it and it was a great decision,” she says.

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