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Winner Farmen 2023 – Nebil Davidsson

After an, to say the least, exciting final, it was the participant Nebil Davidsson who took home the victory in this year’s round of “The Farm”. The final was a real nail-biter, but in the end Nebil took home the most points.

Photo: TV4/CMore

After knocking out Asiatou Touray and Viktor Bergström in the semi-finals, Nebil clinched the final final spot. The final was then fought between Nebil Davidsson and Tora Brandström, and it was an exciting competition for the prize money.

The last battle of the final consisted of the participants saying the names of eight crops, and whoever was able to report correct answers first would then claim the prize of half a million kroner. “Never been as focused as I was going into the last fight,” says Nebil in the program. After the win, he burst into tears and called his wife to share the happy news. “I am most proud that I dared to take it upon myself, tried new things and believed in myself,” he says in the program after the win.

Therefore, several participants were missing

In the past season of “The Farm”, there were several participants who chose to cancel their participation on their own. Therefore, Cia Stenmark Sommerborn, Madeleine Olovsson, Andreas Gauffin or Karin Kollberg were not there to cheer on this year’s winner. However, the rest of the “Farmen” gang was together and there were many emotional meetings during the final. “If you choose to leave the Farm on your own, you will not be invited to the finale, that’s how it’s always been,” says Joel Bendrik, executive producer for the program.

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