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wine, art and culture itinerary for a getaway

Bordeaux is a wonderful city, full of diversity, and one of the most renowned in France. Its elegance and charm conquer all who visit it.

Certainly, in Europe there are countless places to visit, but few cities offer such a complete experience as bordeauxin France?? Here, we present some of the many reasons that will make you choose this city as one of your next trips. So the pandemic allow it.

The city of Bordeaux can provide a memorable experience. She has a little bit of everything to live beautiful moments whether traveling with her partner, traveling with her family or even alone.

In addition to art and culture, you can find many ways to have fun in the city. Bordeaux, like any French city, can also surprise you with its wines and local cuisine?? Visiting Bordeaux will certainly be an experience that will exceed your expectations.

Bordeaux: the city of wine, art and culture

What to visit?

The historic center deserves some visits, as it has a very unique identity, with the incredible facades of noble buildings and the most graceful streets in France. This is a city with a very interesting history, with moments of great economic splendor and great social impact, so the historic center has a lot of memory of those times in its streets. Bordeaux combines this remarkable past with a present where elegance and sophistication stand out. In 2007, Bordeaux was considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


This city proves to be a perfect paradise for the greatest wine connoisseurs, but also for all those who do not need a glass to accompany any meal.

Not only connoisseurs, but also winemakers should take advantage of the city to get to know a little more about its vineyards, famous all over the world, as they are the genesis of some of the best wines.

So, explore the Bordeaux wine route It is one of the unmissable experiences. On these routes, you can visit the cellars and vineyards that are responsible for the most famous wines in France.

As this city “Bordeaux” is synonymous with (good) wine, you cannot do without the opportunity to taste some of it.


The French have always been known for their fantastic cuisine. The flavor palette is allied to the color palette. And if the cuisine in France is an international reference, in Bordeaux there are chefs of great talent and high reputation.

This city is probably among the most praised gastronomic destinations. The options range from a Michelin-starred restaurant to more traditional restaurants.

Bordeaux Stock Exchange Palace


There are many museums around the city, highlighting the Aquitaine Museum and the wine museum – Cite du Vin – just as there are noble castles throughout Aquitaine, the region in which Bordeaux is located. In the field of architecture, the Saint-André Cathedral and the Saint-Michel Basilica are also a must.

Much of the city’s charm and elegance is a consequence of the marks of the aristocracy and the grandeur of its buildings.

O Triangle d’Or it is impressive, with its luxurious 17th century buildings, which well reflect the splendor of Bordeaux nobility. Here you can find, among many other things, luxury shops. It is the rich part of the city. The events black tie at the Grand Theater are unmissable.

The bars are quite eclectic and, of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to explore their richness and variety.

THE Esplanade des Quinconces is also in high demand, as it bears witness to the French Revolution, the well-known Monument aux Girondins?? This is certainly one of the points most captured by tourists and onlookers, along with the famous Bordeaux fountain that so often appears in the selfies that dominate social networks.

Where sleep?

There are several options that can be considered, according to the comfort of each one’s wallet. As the hostel is the cheapest option, there are those who do not do without comfort and, for that, there are also other options, such as the Hotel du Faisan, Hotel de Tourny or the Yndohotel.


In 2017, Lonely Planet elected the city of Bordeaux for its Best in Travel, having been the highest ranked city on this list.

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