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Windows 11 bets on full screen widgets • ENTER.CO

Since last September 14, developers have access to the preliminary version of Windows 11. This version was released by Microsoft under the name of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25201, which has an extended view function for widgets, which surely , the developers will try first.

The company announced through its official blog that the version is available on its development channel. The function will be very easy to use. When a developer or user wants to expand the size of the widget, they can use the double date icon in the upper right corner. The button, like the well-known minimize and maximize screen function, will allow you to expand and collapse the widget panel back to its original size.

The truth is that if you expand a widget (or the entire widget panel) they will maintain that width until you change it again. The company also points out that next to the new button, users will be able to find an icon with the ‘+’ (plus) sign to add new widgets to the dashboard. Unfortunately, the option is currently available in its preview version.

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It should be noted that the expanded view feature for Widgets in Windows 11 is now only available to developers, so users of the Insider Preview program do not have access to this version either. For this function to reach the beta version, even the full version of Windows 11, we will have to wait for the comments of the developers. Based on the feedback, the company will make a decision to leave the feature, improve it, or remove it.

This is not new, Microsoft, like other tech giants, use their developer tier from their Insider Preview program to test new features. From there, the functions, buttons and new options that reach the full version are selected, that is, the version that reaches all users. Now, it remains to be seen if the extension of widgets manages to pass the test to reach all computers.

Image: Microsoft

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