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Will there be a second season of The Sandman? This is what we know • ENTER.CO

The Sandman premiered this weekend on Netflix. Though critical opinion is divided, even those less passionate about the show know that a second season wouldn’t hurt. Better, the show clearly leaves enough space and a significant number of questions to answer.

Which leads us to ask: will there be season 2 of The Sandman?

Sandman Season 2: its creator already has some ideas

In an interview for Rolling Stones, Allan Heinberg (creator of the series) assured that at the time getting a season 2 was a matter of “luck”, but that he had the same team that worked on the first one ready to release new stories. :

“Well, we had a writers room for 20 weeks to talk about the second season and come up with stories and come up with outlines and first drafts. And now I’m having initial conversations with production design and VFX and putting everything in place.”

But what does Netflix say?

For now Netflix has not confirmed the second season. You’d be surprised if the studio said no, but it will be the final issues of The Sandman that determine the return of the series. It does not help that at the moment the platform is not going through its first moment and that the stories that end up surviving beyond the first season are very few. }

Why wouldn’t there be a second season?

The main reason is in rights. Sandman is owned by Warner Bros. The production company only lent the rights to Netflix and agreed to participate in its production.

What this means is two things: Netflix could lose the rights to the show at any time, similar to what happened with the Marvel series, which means that it could be a project that it is not very interested in extending.

The second is that Warners may see the show’s popularity as an opportunity to add it to its own service. This would mean that the show would take a bit of extra time… or it may even end up being different than what we’ve seen so far.

What things do we know about the second season of The Sandman?

During the interview with Rolling Stones, Heinberg was able to confirm some information about the next season.

For starters, the second season will tell the stories in chronological order, similar to how the first batch of episodes did. However, the idea is also to continue exploring the past of the characters and some stories that were only ‘mentioned’ in the first season.

Images: Netflix

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