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Will Smith could act in the sequel to Disney’s “Aladdin”

Will Smith could return to the big screen after the incident that occurred last year during the Oscarswhen he slapped the comedian Chris Rock during the live broadcast. The newspaper the sun has made it known that the actor is set to reprise the character of “the genie” in the sequel to the 2019 movie “Aladdin”.

According to an insider, Smith is in final deals to participate in the project, and his character would be much more important: “This would be one of the first movies that Will shoots since the slap of the oscar, and it is quite surprising, since it will be in a film for children. He has worked a lot on himself and the consensus is that it will all be in the past by the time the movie comes out.”

Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott, who took the lead roles in the 2019 film, would also act in the sequel.which grossed more than $350 million in the United States and was produced by the studios Disney. A few months ago, Will dedicated himself to promoting the film. “Emancipation” (premiered in AppleTV+ and shot in 2021) in the hopes that it would garner multiple award nominations, but the film was largely ignored by critics.

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