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will not include chargers soon • ENTER.CO

Oppo joins the trend of not including chargers in some of its equipment, with plans to start the change in 2023.

One of the most interesting trends that has happened in the world of smartphones in recent years is the decision to stop including chargers in the equipment. Now it’s Oppo’s turn, which announced that starting next year some of its cell phones will no longer come with a new charger.

The news was shared during the launch of the European version of the Oppo Reno 8. Asked about the company’s plans for 2023, as well as its strategy for the next year, Billy Zhang, president of the manufacturer, assured that the company will begin to make the transition slowly, with some selected products. “We will be taking the charger out of the box next year for several products. We have a plan”.

Oppo for now has not confirmed with which equipment it will stop including its chargers. The tone of the conversation also seemed to indicate that not all markets will be part of this new strategy. Latin America, for example, sounds like a logical exception considering that this trend of not including the accessory is usually limited to high-end equipment, while Oppo in countries like Colombia has for now concentrated on entry-level or mid-range equipment. .

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Oppo is also aware that an attractive point of many of its equipment is the charging speed, something that not only depends on the battery inside the cell phone or the USB port it has, but also on the chargers it comes with. Zhang acknowledges that an important point of his strategy will be to ensure that the models that are going to go without a charger have enough of these accessories in the market and homes to meet the demand.

“It’s not that easy for consumers to get access to SuperVOOC chargers, so we need to keep it in the box. However, as we expand our business operations, we are looking to get the chargers out of the box and into the store so that our users can purchase the chargers and continue to use them even when they update their devices,” he told Android Police.

The decision to eliminate the chargers has been justified by an environmental concern. The argument is that a lot of technological waste comes from these accessories that are included every time a user renews their equipment. The idea, then, is that one person uses the same charger on different devices. User criticism is that manufacturers usually sell these accessories separately and the cost difference when buying them individually with the price reduction of the equipment does not seem to be close or even significant.

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