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Will Byers is gay • ENTER.CO

A confirmation was not necessary, but it’s nice that we can now say that it’s not just about ‘messages’ and ‘signals’. Noah Schanpp has confirmed that Will Byers is gay and that he has a crush on Mike.

In an interview with Variety, the actor has left aside the gray areas and has said that Will is homosexual. “He hinted at it in Season 1. He was always there, but it was never really known, is it just that he grows up slower than his friends? Now that he has reached adolescence, they made it very real and obvious. Now it is 100% clear that he is gay and he loves Mike,” Schnapp claimed.

Although Will Byers’ sexuality has always been one of the topics of speculation, Stranger Things season 4 spent quite a bit of time delivering various moments exploring this ‘secret’ and the suffering it causes him. In the first few minutes we see Will reject a girl at her school who tries to touch him with her foot. Then, in the final episodes, we see Will ‘confess’ his love to Mike through a speech in which he explains Eleven’s feelings… which any viewer understands to be his own.

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These moments for many members of the LGTBI community are one of the parts that make the most recent season one of the best in the history of the show by representing this internal struggle of Will. “People have approached me [y dicho], ‘This Will character made me feel so good. And I related a lot to that. That is exactly what he was when he was a child. That made me very happy to hear. They’re writing this real character and this real journey and real fight and they’re doing really well.”

And it is worth mentioning that the doubts were not because the current season did not make its efforts to make it clear that Will Byers was in love with Mike. It was more because of the way this revelation was presented. Stranger Things 4 intentionally seemed to ‘hint’ on Will’s sexuality, but never confirmed it. It looks like season 5 will finally allow the character to say out loud who he is and what he feels.

“Obviously we’re looking forward to a coming out scene, and I also want to see them address this connection to the Mind Flayer and how it fits into the world.”

You can watch all seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix.

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