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Will Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín have their own reality show? The host responds to the rumors

Everything seems to indicate that the family made up of Andrea Legarreta, Erik Rubin and her daughters Mía and Nina, she is more than willing to star in her own reality showThis was revealed in a recent meeting with various media.

And it is that celebrities were named as luxury godparents of the 177 performances of the staging ‘Siete veces adiós’, which is presented at the Ramiro Jiménez theater in Mexico City. There, the beautiful television presenter was questioned about her desire to bring her family events to the small screen.

About, Andrea Legarreta confirmed that they have already received proposals to start the production of a family reality showjust as other celebrities such as the Montaner and the Derbez have already done, to name a few.

“If offers have arrived, it would be interesting, really, we are seeing how it is viable in our way and like everything else… well, it is a project that has flirted with us”revealed the host of the program ‘Today’.

During the interview, Legarreta went further, saying that if she accepts any of these proposals, it would be very important for her and her husband to be part of the editing and production process, so that the facts are not distorted.

“Look at the end, I think that what a famous family lives is attractive, but in the end I think that you should be part of the edition, of the production. We have to see what time brings us, that is, I think that many things also come with the family and then we will see what surprises“added the also actress.

To end his speech, Andrea Legarreta responded to questions about her “secret” to maintain a solid marriage for more than two decades.

“The truth is that one has to live day by day, our history has had many moments, people have also somehow followed us for a long time, they see us as a beautiful couple, as a family, which is also the greatest gift of this love”, he explained.

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