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Wife of Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme snubs her ex-husband on social networks

firm group and Edwin Caz remain involved in tremendous controversy after their vocalist sent a disconcerting message to daisy anahywhom his ex-wife called when he talked about his six awards at Premios Lo Nuestro.

With this statement, Eduin Caz made public that the marriage commitment he had with Daisy Anahy, who was his sentimental partner for more than 12 years, is broken.

It should be noted that it is not the first time that it has been revealed that celebrities are not together or that there are signs of a possible divorce, but now the information has come out of the musician’s mouth.

“These awards, the truth is, if I wanted to dedicate them to my ex-wife, the truth has been a great pillar in my life and she deserves these awards, these awards are also for her, thank you. I will always love you, precious little one!”


It was what Eduin Caz said at a press conference. Given this, the one he called his ex-partner, he had not ruled on the statement of the Grupo Firme vocalist.

But during the transmission of the ceremony he used his social networks to send a special congratulations to Grupo Firme, that is to say to all the musicians and not only to Eduin Caz as he used to do on previous occasions.

“Grupo Firme always giving everything, congratulations”was what he limited himself to writing next to a video in which Eduin Caz appears on the screen in which they enjoy the transmission, he also attached an emoticon with heart eyes.

It should be remembered that the couple uploaded several videos and stories to their personal social networks on February 14, Valentine’s Day, Eduin Caz and Daisy Anahy took a vacation alone.

They enjoyed the sea, romantic dinners and time alone, which is why the issue of their separation was shocking for people who are aware of their personal lives.

Another of the things that the public points out is Daisy Anahy’s pregnancy, it was on November 18, 2022 when they announced that they would become parents again and on December 20, 2022 they shared that a girl is on the way.

For this reason, people mention that the decision not to continue their life together is strange to them.

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