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Widow will not share her inheritance with children of Fernando del Solar: “They are not helpless”

The yoga instructor Anna Ferrowidow of Fernando del Solar, spoke again in an interview about her repeated differences with Ingrid Coronado, the ex of the former host of ‘Venga la Alegría’ and made special emphasis on the famous inheritance after it was said that the Argentine had left unprotected her two sons, Luciano and Paolo.

In conversation, with the program ‘Ventaneando’, Ferro was emphatic in declaring that she is not willing to share with Ingrid what Fernando decided to leave her for when he was absent, well, he assures, that this was his last wish and it must be respected.

“It is something that he left him in life and it is to respect and honor. I have rights, as his children have rights, but I also have rights as his wife. And there are also other documents that protect me as his wife, not just the will, ”said Ferro.

He then provided details about the assets that the presenter left to Luciano and Paolo, which would already be in the possession of the little ones.

“She (Ingrid) charged rent for an apartment, which is right where I live. On one side there is an apartment that she charged that rent and another that was smaller, of 11 thousand and a piece (of pesos), was charged by Fer. Thus they had reached an agreement, that he is in Mexico City for another child. I don’t feel that they are helpless,” reiterated Ferro, who is convinced that everyone received fair treatment in the last will of the also charismatic actor.

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