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Why will the iPhone 14 have the same processor as the iPhone 13? • ENTER.CO

In the penultimate quarter of 2022, Apple is expected to launch its iPhone 14 and so far we know a few things. The first thing is that the rumors indicate that, this time, there will be no Mini version of the new model; and the second is that the company would be producing fewer quantities of smartphones than 2021, since it did not achieve the sales target. However, there are more questions surrounding the new version of their phones, such as: why will the iPhone 14 this time have the same processor as the iPhone 13?

According to Bloomberg, the reason why the new iPhone will come equipped with an A15 chip (and, in the case of the iPhone Pro, the A16), is that Apple has decided to focus its efforts not only on the production of its range of processors ranging from the M1, the M1 Ultra, to the M2; Instead, the company hopes to welcome more chips like the M2 Pro, M2 Max, M2 Ultra, and M3 by 2023.

Focusing on Mac processors makes sense to journalist Mark Gurman, as Apple has managed to gain some advantage with its own computer chips, forcing the competition to look for new strategies and solutions. That impulse has made the company decide to redirect its resources, tests and developments towards its Mac line instead of concentrating on its iPhones, which is still a risky decision. This is because at least 60% of the company’s sales are the product of equipment that does not have the new M1 and M2 processors.

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Finally, one of the reasons that Bloomberg brings to light to explain why Apple has left the development of substantial improvements for its iPhone in the background, is the cost of a shortage of chips, which according to experts, does not it will be normalized until 2024. Apple still relies on Taiwan to produce most of its chips, so the costs of manufacturing and shipping components have increased considerably.

This scenario would show why it is more profitable for Apple to continue reserving the A15 and A16 processors for its iPhone 14 models. In any case, the smartphones will come with new features. For example, it is known that the RAM memory will be 6GB, compared to the 4GB of the iPhone 13; that its screen will be bigger, and that the capacity of the new equipment will reach up to 1TB.

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