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Why was my credit card declined?

Have you waited your moment in line at the checkout to pay for your purchases, tried to make an everyday purchase and your credit card has ever been declined? The refusal was definitely something you didn’t expect and it caught you off guard.

After all, why was your credit card declined? It is important to pay attention to some factors and even the maintenance of your card, so that this does not happen.

Although it is not so common, it can happen, so see the reasons why your credit card was declined and what to do in that situation.

What this article covers:

Why was my credit card declined when paying?

Having your credit card declined when paying can be embarrassing to say the least, but this is more normal than it seems. One unusual thing, which could be why your credit card was declined, is that it might have expired.

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With the usual use of the card, it is common to forget that it has an expiry date, so when it expires it needs to be renewed, have you checked your expiration date?

Why could this have happened?

If your credit card was declined for some reason, here’s what might have happened:

suspected fraud

Some activity may have looked suspicious to your card issuer, whether it’s a purchase of an unusual amount or a move outside of what you as a customer do.

lack of limit

Maybe it’s not customary for you to check how much credit you still have available on your card for use, but it’s an act that should become a habit so that you don’t go through trouble on the street.

Some cards have the advantage of releasing a purchase to the customer even if the limit has been exceeded, by charging some fees for the service, but not all of them!

Late invoice payment

Forgot to pay the invoice or failed to pay it? The card operator can simply block it, because if you haven’t paid your debt, your operator may very well cut off the credit you still had, so keep up to date with the card.

In addition, non-payment of your bill can not only cause your card to be blocked, but can also double your debt, as credit card interest rates are very high. The best way to avoid this is to pay on time.

What should I do if my card is declined?

The first thing to do if your credit card has been declined is to identify the reason, if for example it may have been an unusual purchase, you can call the number on the back of your card right away and explain that it’s you. who made the move.

Now, if it is due to lack of limit or delay in payment of your invoice, it is recommended that you settle your debt, and after that, negotiate the release of your credit card. The limit can be reduced, but nothing that up-to-date payments and routine handling cannot solve.

What should I do if my card is declined?

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Of course, having your credit card declined was not in your plans, but don’t get upset or stressed about it, because your card company tried to protect you from a scam, which is very common in Brazil.

look for your carrier and resolve as soon as possible to have the credit card available again!

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