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Why was ‘Mi bebito fiu fiu’ removed from Spotify? • ENTER.CO

Topping the global music charts is not easy; in fact, only the best-known artists in the world make it to Spotify’s global chart. Now, the furious social networks have managed to position several songs; For example, TikTok is the social network of the moment where songs are most viral thanks to the trends created by users.

However, there is a song that has been positioned these days on social networks and other platforms that breaks all schemes. It’s about ‘mi baby fiu fiu’ a song created as a parody when it became known that the former Peruvian president Martín Alberto Vizcarra Cornejo had been unfaithful. In the leaked screenshots with his lover Zully Pinchi, Vizcarra could be seen responding to the woman’s photos with “fiu fiu” and constantly using the word “baby”.

Tito Silva, a Peruvian artist wanted to parody the situation, for which he used the track of the song ‘Stan’ by Dido ft Eminem. Although the track of the song is a ‘copy’ the lyrics are original, with which the song ‘mi bebito fiu fiu’ reached the number one spot on Spotify’s Viral Global list. However, today, users found that the song is no longer available on the platform.

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Although Spotify has not commented on the matter, it is to be assumed that the song was branded as plagiarism. Faced with the accusations, Tito Silva Music commented to the journalist Luis Carlos Burneo: “We know that there is a theme behind it because we are taking on a theme that already exists. But this is a parody and as such no permission is needed. According to the law, and I hope I’m not wrong, because if I’m not going to be sued. I understand that this would be legal and lawful to do parody without the need for a permit.

So far the reasons why the song was removed from the platform are unknown. However, you can continue to enjoy the theme on YouTube and of course, in the TikTok videos, where the song mainly became a trend.


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