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Why should you customize your Gmail inbox?

The Gmail inbox is surely, perhaps, one of the platforms that you have seen the most throughout the day. And you probably don’t know that you can configure it to best suit your needs.

For many users of this email platform, the secure default setting works great. Although, there are other ways to organize it to better fit your workflow. It’s true that Gmail’s default layout is nice to look at, but it might not be the most efficient to interact with. Gmail usually displays five tabs: Main, Promotions, Social, Updates, and Forums. Can this be changed in a custom setting? Here we teach you.

Gmail customization options

There are 5 axes in which you can configure the Gmail inbox, and they include aspects such as:

  • Layout – How much information is displayed on the left panel.
  • Theme: The global theme applied to the user interface.
  • Inbox type: the actual design of the user interface.
  • Reading Pane – How the reading pane is displayed.
  • Email Threads – Whether or not the email is displayed in the conversation view.

For the purposes of this tutorial we are going to focus on the “Inbox Type”, because this is where we get the most out of Gmail’s features.

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What options does Gmail inbox settings have?

You will get six different options to configure your Gmail inbox. These are the options you can choose:

  • Default: This displays your email in categorized tabs and can be customized.
  • Important First: Removes tabs and shows important emails (from contacts) first.
  • Unread First – Removes tabs and shows all unread emails first.
  • Featured First – Removes tabs and displays featured emails first.
  • Priority Inbox: Removes tabs and shows important and unread emails first.
  • Multiple Inboxes – Removes tabs (and looks like the old Gmail interface).

Changing the layout of your Gmail inbox is very easy. You just have to follow a few steps such as logging into your email and opening the configuration panel that you will get in the gear on the right side of the window. There you will get the first options to customize. You can scroll down and there get each of the available options.

In the Inbox Type section, you’ll be able to select a different layout and try out how it looks. One option that you have is that you can perform Customization of the default layout. If you decide on this option, go to the tab with this name and enable or disable the tabs that come with this type of inbox. In this way you will get an inbox adapted to your needs and workflow.

Image: Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

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