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zodiac women They are no longer there to question their character, they don’t care if people like them or not. They have worked so hard for their well-being that it would be absurd to give in to the whims of others. It is very easy to point them out, to say that they have no feelings and that they have stopped believing in love. However, how many have thought about his story? No one can continue to trust blindly after a terrible disappointment. They still love madly, but Why did she get tired of false love according to her sign?


You look at her and you find a brave, decisive woman, the one who leaves no one behind. Of course, she that she is, but what they don’t know is that she also cried like never before, his dignity was shattered and he promised that he would not allow his heart to be mocked. She does not want to be a ghost, she has so many things to give and so many dreams to fulfill that it would be silly to humiliate herself for a bad love.


Come on, say that she is stubborn, that she clings to an idea and that you hardly make her change. She is the woman who does not allow the opinion of others to ruin her day. She appreciates when someone cares about her well-being, but that doesn’t mean she wants to please people who don’t even know her past. She loves like nobody else, but she learned to set limits and if that makes her look bad, she doesn’t care.


A beautiful woman on the outside and inside, above all, because of what lives in her mind. Really, you don’t get bored with her, because she is not one of those who remain silent and is always looking for a new adventure. In a time they shook her self-esteem in the worst way, she became the complacent one and they took advantage of her kindness. Now, they dare to say that she is bad, just because she no longer allows herself to be manipulated.


Definitely the heart of a woman Cancer it requires more than a manual, because it is extremely unpredictable and does not allow itself to be dominated by anyone. It is true, her kindness knows no limits, but she is no longer going to be the woman who saves others, least of all herself. She wants to be in control and it’s taken her a long time to realize that. That’s why she no longer thinks of taking a step back, even though they say she became a villain.


What a woman hates most Leo, is to meet the expectations of others, when she does, she feels that her essence is dimmed and she does not want to be seen as an easy-to-manage puppet. In the past, her loves have taught her that they can be very dark, but no matter how much light she has inside her, it is never enough to illuminate others. She is a very valuable woman, she already understood that it is not her responsibility to save anyone.


Bad relationships have left a very sour taste, but that has not been enough reason to stop believing in love. Virgo, is a woman who does not know the impossible, when she proposes something she focuses on finding the solution and not on complaining about everything. Her mind is open and analytical, that’s why she now goes to the first red flag. He did not become intolerant, he simply loves himself like never before and he does not plan to return.


She is the woman who puts up barriers thanks to her intuition and her indecisive side, which has saved her from getting involved with people who lack emotional responsibility. She has learned the hard way that life is not rosy and that there are times when it is better to take refuge in her solitude than to waste time with negative people. She still has the courage to want pretty, but only until she feels safe with that person.


It was necessary for him to live through stormy nights in which he felt his heart pounding out of his chest and his thoughts eating away at his mind until dawn, so that he could understand that he deserves an honest and loyal love. She is an emotional woman, although she hides it very well. scorpio has learned to wear his mala cape, the one that drives away emotional parasites, that’s better than wasting time with cruel people.


when a woman Sagittarius appears in your way, after a disappointment, it is synonymous that it is going to stop you in your tracks and will not give you the right to reply. Let’s just say she’s tired of hearing one lie after another. He did not lose his patience, simply, he already quickly detects people with bad intentions. She is still very sweet on a sentimental level, but few will know her.


There is no doubt that what Capricorn wants in this life is to be a free woman. She doesn’t like the idea of ​​depending on someone in any way, so she sets limits. She works very hard following her convictions and that is the reason why the one that the mediocre loves stun her. She bets on reciprocal relationshipsthe ones that give you peace of mind without having to demand it.


It’s amazing how easily rumors spread about a person, without even knowing a little about their life path. Aquarius, she is a woman who is described as someone distant, ambitious and uncommitted. Nobody stops to think where all that negativity comes from when they talk about it. The fact is that she became selective, His attentions are exclusive, if you do not inspire confidence, he will never be at your feet.


At this point in life, the only thing Pisces are looking for are healthy relationships, in which they do not have to be begging for love, when it is supposed to be something that should come naturally. If you treat her in a cruel and unsympathetic way, that’s exactly what you’re going to get from her. She stopped believing in fanciful tales. Love has not left his list, but he understood that if he does not set rules, the world can fall on him.

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