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Why may soon cease to exist

Nowadays it is still very common to use bank slips and credit cards, whether they are at lottery outlets to pay a bill, or use the card to pay for a simple dinner at a restaurant. But these technologies have their days numbered after all the renewal in our country’s payment system.

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What are the forms of payment and the most used in Brazil?

The most used forms of payment in our country are still cash, ahead of the new form that is the pix, which has been in circulation for a short time and is already one of the most used means of payment today. At the back we can have the debit and credit card, practically extinguishing the use of checkbooks.

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How do card payments work?

Payments with cards have been used for a long time in our country, and with the new technologies, several forms have been placed in it, to facilitate payment by this means.

Current cards basically work through a chip, which when placed in the card machine, it is read and informs the owner to enter a password, which, when typed, debits the person’s account automatically, or deducts it from their credit balance. of the respective card.

How do payments through boletos work?

Boletos work through a clearing system, when generating a boleto, a number is created next to a barcode, in which the individual can pay through lotteries or bank correspondents and uses cash. It is the cash payment method that can take up to 3 business days to confirm

Which has modernized a lot in current times, since when using your bank’s application, you can scan this slip and pay in the palm of your hand, without having to go to a branch or correspondent.

Why are technologies like Pix and QR Code threatening the existence of payments by cards and bills?

Pix and QR Code technologies have created an important role today, which is to make people’s lives easier through fast payments. This directly threatens the use of cards and slips, since there is no longer a need to load a slip, or generate one, if to make the payment you just need to scan a Pix QR Code and make the payment at the same time. You don’t have to wait for the payment to clear, as the value drops in the same minute. Which invalidates the use of the ticket, and the debit card.

What forms of online payment?

Banks today offer all types of possible payment methods to make life easier for Brazilians. You can, for example, pay all the bills you have at home, with a simple cell phone and an app, use Pix, the payment of a scanned payment slip in the app. In addition to several services that are integrated into the bank’s platforms, such as buying transportation vouchers, or even putting credit on your cell phone.

The new forms of payment came with everything, and are taking on gigantic importance in our current scenario, and it is a matter of time before the old forms such as billet and card are suppressed, as well as the check.

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