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Why is HBO Max canceling its series and movies? • ENTER.CO

It’s been a tough week for HBO Max. If you are connected to the news, you will know that there is some chaos and uncertainty with many projects that the platform has. Some even fear that the latest moves mean the end of the streaming platform… or at least a version that bears little resemblance to the one we know.

So: why is HBO Max canceling its series and movies?

How did all the trouble start on HBO Max?

The chaos began when Warner canceled the Batgirl movie that was going to HBO Max.

For a cancellation?

The important thing was not that he canceled the film. But the project was already completed. That is to say, the film had already been filmed, edited and in theory there were only some post-production things for it to reach HBO Max.

But they canceled it for bad?

No. Or at least not to what qualifies as ‘bad’ by Warner standards. People inside the project assure that the film received the equivalent of a rating of 6 out of 10. More importantly, since it was aimed at streaming, the quality of the film is not really such a relevant factor, since the studio does not expect to generate profits as much as views. .

But what does this have to do with other cancellations?

Several things. The first is that he feels a bad present for the service. The fact that the project has been canceled without its directors, staff or people involved being notified, means that the decision was made at the highest levels of Warner.

The second has to do more with rumors coming from within Warner: the studio’s decision to significantly reduce the production of original content (which would mean more cancellations).

Why are they canceling original content from HBO Max?

The reason is a merger between HBO Max and Discovery +. The idea is to cut expenses.

wow wow A merger?

Yes. In a simple way, Warner Bros wants to merge their products and this means that they want to combine HBO Max with Discovery + (a streaming platform that we do not have available).

And why is this bad?

Because Warner wants to save money. And (for some unknown reason) they seem to be prioritizing Discovery content over HBO Max.

Save money?

Yeah… it turns out that Discovery+ actually ended up being a pretty bad deal. A report this week claims this streaming service lost $3.4 billion dollars.

So why not cancel Discovery+ content instead of HBO Max?

We don’t get it either. It may have something to do with the fact that the current president of Warner Bros. Discovery was the president of Discovery before the merger. It may be that he doesn’t like hero movies. It may be that Warner believes that Discovery content will have a larger audience (pfffft).

And what is your plan?

Yes. What Warner wants is to cut costs on two fronts:

Eliminate repetitive expenses. That is, divisions that do the same job. The problem is that, for example, one of the divisions that they want to eliminate is up to 70% of the people in charge of creating new content.

And then save money on taxes by eliminating the amount of content on their service that they must report.

Doesn’t sound like a smart business plan

From the same people who haven’t been able to make a profitable Justice League movie.

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