No one should wake up the demons they don’t know about, because each Zodiac sign hides a dark side, the one that is capable of shaking other people’s hearts until they end up begging for mercy on their knees. It is not his nature, evil, but this life is not rosy and there are times when the best thing you can do is pull out your nails, because if you don’t, someone comes up behind your back and sticks them in. Then, why do you intimidate until you cry according to your sign? You know that when you get angry nothing stops you.


What least lives inside you is hypocrisy, it has never been in your interest to look good with anyone. That’s the reason why you go through life, being an open book, who accepts you, well and who doesn’t, too. Your character is strong, you don’t shut up, much less when you know you’re telling the truth. that intimidates to the people around you, they cannot with such transparency and flee from your fire, but you do not care, you will not be controlled by anyone.


What you hate most is dealing with people who lose their ground, it is enough for them to try a bit of success for them to show airs of superiority and that makes you too lazy. You are a very conscientious sign, you know that life cannot be perfect and that being tolerant must be one of your best virtues, but there are those who flat out do not deserve your effort, they need you to put a stop to them, but already.


It’s strange, because most of the time you are a very fun sign, you like to interact with people and allow the learning they carry in their minds to infect you. However, your heart is not always the one that speaks for you, there are times when you just have to paint a line, because not everyone deserves your friendly version. If they bother you, take care of yourself, because you are not going to sit idly by.


There are times when your serene side is the one that guides you, but others when you lose your calm and all you want is to get out all the fury that shakes your chest. You are an understanding sign, but there are those who do not deserve that side of you, because they do not know what loyalty is and they have hurt you in a very cruel way. Those disloyal people are the ones who will meet the Cancer rancorous, the one who does not forget even if the years go by.


You are the sign on this list that bets on moments, unexpected laughter, middle-of-the-night adventures and all those diversions that are capable of accelerating much more than your soul. Definitely, keeping memories is your thing, you like to demonstrate the reason why you carry fire in every corner of your body. What they don’t know is that with that same intensity you get angry. If someone hurts you, she will pay for it.


Just by seeing you, some prefer to pass you by and not alter your negative emotions, because honestly, when anger takes over you, your rational side is clouded and all you want is for that person to feel a little of all the chaos that it causes you. You are a controller, you love to have everything in order and the moment someone interferes you put an end to it. You are not going to argue with people who do not contribute anything to you, as simple as that.


You are the type of sign that loves everything to look good, you like to look attractive and also that your space is pleasant. The same thing happens to you with people, if someone gives you a bad vibe, you don’t want them around, because it breaks your harmony. People will judge you, they will say that you are exaggerated, but do not pay attention to them. You have no need to put up with anyone who alters your mental, physical and emotional stability.


wherever you go, scorpio, you have always liked to sow that intrigue in the souls around you, it has become a hobby for you that they make an effort to discover everything that hides your heart. Somehow, you enjoy the tension, the unexpected, that hunting game in which you become the main attraction. Neverthelessthat mysterious side can also be very intimidating for people, not everyone dares to conquer you.


Your defiant side has led you to live strong things, without a doubt, many would have given up, but not you, you are used to going for more. You need to breathe intensity to feel like every second is really worth it. It overwhelms you when things don’t go as planned, but it’s not reason enough to fall into apathy. You are thirsty to go to the bottom of everything and if someone interferes you will make a face without thinking about it.


You have always shown yourself in a very brave way in front of the rest, because it is very difficult for you to put your feelings in order, so you will not tolerate anyone minimizing them. It’s not selfish, it’s self love. If being with a person makes you feel insecure, you know it’s time to close the doors of your life, even if it’s not easy. Sometimes, you love the person, but you know that their company is not good.


People often think that you feel very comfortable in the midst of chaos, but it is not real, you do not like conflict, but if they pressure you there is no more left, you have to show them that they are not going to play with you. What stresses you the most is having to explain yourself to people as if you were a child looking for a babysitter. There it is when your strong side shows up, they get scared, because you don’t give in to anyone’s expectations first.


It is well known that it is difficult for you to say that you do not want to do something, because you are worried that the other person will feel bad, but you risk your own well-being to please others and that is not right Pisces. However, once you get tired there is no turning back, you build a huge wall so that person does not dare to enter your days again. Do not underestimate you, because the same thing that you have as sweet, you have as strong.

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