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Why I can’t get an Itaú credit card: find out now!

The time to apply for a new Itaú credit card is always a tense moment. Several documents and receipts are sent to undergo an evaluation and often end up not being approved. Want to understand why you can’t be approved for the Itaú credit card? We clarify all the details.

What this article covers:

How is the Itaú credit card?

Itaú offers several types of credit cards, which vary according to your needs and income. There are options with no annuity and that do not require a minimum income, others work with a point system that can generate miles to be used on trips.

Most of them, you can order online and in a few days the analysis, approval and sending of the physical card to the registered address is carried out.

Why can’t I get an Itaú credit card?

Although requesting your Itaú credit card is a simple and quick process, many people are denied this request. Some reasons lead the bank to deny sending the Itaú credit card, check out some of the reasons for this to happen:

low score

The score is an important point not only when applying for your card, but also when making a purchase or even renting a house. The score is a point system that ranges from 0 to 1000 and helps indicate that person’s chances of paying the bills correctly next year.

This is a score evaluated at different times and can determine the approval of an Itaú credit card, financing and even loans.

Debt with Itaú bank

Debt with the card bank itself is one of the problems when getting this approval. If you have any debt with Itaú, you will need to negotiate and settle it before regaining the bank’s trust. After this process, if Itaú releases the credit card, the limit will probably be very low and will increase according to payments on the correct dates.

No movement in the account

Often, accounts without movement have this request denied. This is also a very common reason for the Itaú credit card to be denied. Therefore, if you already have an Itaú account, carrying out financial transactions on it will help increase your chances of approval.

Is the Itaú credit card worth it?

The Itaú credit card is one of the most famous on the market, but of course it also has points that should be considered before applying for one. Check out:


Check out the positive points when applying for your Itaú credit card:

More than 70 Itaú credit card options

Itaú has more than 70 credit card options. You can find different types, from the simplest ones that do not require a minimum income to the most complete ones, with point systems and annuities.

Partner discounts

Itaú has a large list of partner companies that offer incredible discounts for purchases made with the bank’s credit cards.

all online

You can request and solve all your Itaú credit card problems and doubts without having to leave your home. They have excellent customer service, which you can access without difficulty on the website or in the app.


Despite all the advantages, there are still disadvantages, know some of them:


Not all Itaú credit cards are annual fee-free. Some of them require a minimum monthly expense to not pay annuity that month, others offer the first year free, but many of them still charge annuity regardless of your spending.


Due to the bureaucracy involved, getting your credit card may not be such a simple task. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the reasons why it is denied and to regularize everything before applying for your card. Now that you are already aware of everything that could disturb your approval on the Itaú credit card, it is time to run after to get everything regularized and then succeed in applying for your new card.

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