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Why does Mercado Libre request the INE?

Why does Mercado Pago ask to validate data?

The purpose of data validation is to prove the identity of users registered in Mercado Libre and must be carried out with the data of the account owner or legal representative.

How to remove facial recognition from free market?

Open Ciñas, find the Face unlock or Face recognition option and touch it, access Lock screen passcode as prompted, touch Delete facial data and confirm that you want to delete your face data.

How to verify your identity in Mercado Libre?

As for the security of your account, we could ask you:

  1. Scan your National Institute of Statistics or IFE with the video camera of your cell phone.
  2. A selfie and other gestures as proof of life.
  3. CURP, complete full name, date and place of birth and nationality.
  4. Telephone and address.
  5. Occupation, income and private transactions.

Why does Mercado Pago ask for facial recognition?

It is a way to keep your list secure, and to validate that it is indeed you who is trying to enter your list.

Why does Mercado Pago ask me for an identity document?

If the identity validation is being requested to quarter your account, you can trust and send the requested data. It is a way to keep your list secure, and to validate that it is indeed you who is trying to access your account.

How to validate your identity in Mercado Pago?

How do I validate my identity in Mercado Pago?

  1. Enter your account to Mercado Pago. Access.
  2. From the menu on the left you must go to your profile and then press the button to produce your Mercado Pago bank code, for example: a.
  3. Validate identity.

How to disable Mercado Pago facial recognition?

Hello, we tell you that due to the functionality of our own platform, facial recognition cannot be deactivated.

How to disable facial recognition?:

Section of Applications in Ciñas.
If you have an Android mobile phone

  1. The Access and security keys section.
  2. Second to Face Unlock.
  3. After entering the access code of the telephone number, the option will be deactivated.

How to get facial recognition in market payment?:

If you still cannot complete Mercado Pago’s facial recognition, contact your customer service field in this way:

  1. Enter the Mercado Pago application.
  2. Click on the options menu.
  3. Look for the “Help” section Then I chose the option “Contact a representative”

How long does the data verification take in Mercado Pago?

Once your data is uploaded, the judicial process of validation of exactly the same has a climate of delay up to 72 hours.

What happens if I delete my free market account?

You can delete your list whenever you want, from your profile in Mercado Pago or from My account in Mercado Libre. However, keep in mind that by doing so you will no longer be able to operate on our sites and you will lose your customer name, among many other things.

What happens if I never pay Mercado Pago?

If for any reason you are late with your payments, keep in mind that: You will be charged daily surcharges. You will not be able to receive new credit offers.

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