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Why did we forget what we were going to say? we have the answer

Why do we forget what we were going to say in the middle of a conversation? Science explains why we suddenly forget what we were going to say.

How many times, during a conversation, do we remember to say something but, suddenly, we forget. Despite being a frequent and common situation for most people, it is normal to ask ourselves why did we forget what we were going to talk about. Scientists have an answer to this question. Find out which one!

Why did we forget what we were going to say? the scientific explanation

According to neurosurgeons, these forgetfulnesses are due to a sudden loss of the flow of thought, when we are facing an unexpected situation. These lapses in communication are benign and not associated with any dementia or memory.

However, if these lapses are related to mood swings and/or depression or are too frequent and are associated with basic things, such as banal words and events, then it is worth consulting a specialist to assess the situation.

The study

These conclusions are based on research published in the journal Nature Communications. According to this research, whenever we are interrupted by sounds or startled, we have more difficulty following the sequence of our speech. It is as if the body sends electrical signals to the brain that stop the flow of thought, just as it is capable of sending signals capable of interrupting the movement of the body.

According to Adam Aron, a neuroscientist at the University of California:

“An unexpected event seems to make us forget what we were thinking about”.

The explanation lies in the subthalamic nucleus (STN), a set of neurons located in the midbrain and capable of suspending thought.

Aaron adds that:

“The radically new idea behind the study is that the braking mechanism activated by the brain when we have to physically stop our body is the same one that is activated to make us stop the flow of thoughts.”

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According to the scientists, this process of interrupting the flow of thought constitutes an evolutionary way that human beings have developed to react to threats in the environment.

Thus, the brain blocks thoughts so that we focus on everything that may pose a danger to us. Obviously, not always what the brain perceives as a threat really is.

All it takes is a loud or unexpected noise for us to be alert, even if it is a simple door slamming or a person raising their voice one more tone. Often related to forms of distraction, forgetting what we are going to say is a common human process and does not necessarily have to do with a lack of focus or concentration.

Therefore, and despite being a normal reaction, know that you can always strengthen your memory and concentration by resorting to activities such as reading, games, meditation, physical and cognitive exercises, playing musical instruments and watching movies.

Also, in case of forgetting, try to resume the thread of the conversation you were having, so that it would be easier to remember what you were going to say.

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