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Why did She-Hulk change Jennifer Walters’ origins?

This week we welcome the new MCU series: She-Hulk. The first chapter is basically the traditional Marvel origin story: it introduces us to Jennifer Walters, she shows us how she got her powers and also how she learned to control them until the moment when she has to make them public.

In the case of the MCU the story is also quite simple: while traveling with Bruce a ship causes an accident and because Bruce is in human form and using an inhibitor that prevents him from transforming into the Hulk, some of his blood is transferred to Jennifer giving him the powers of the Hulk. It is a procedure that cannot be replicated and is apparently limited to the Banner family who have a natural ability to control gamma radiation.

However, the character’s origins were slightly changed in the MCU version. Why?

She-Hulk’s origins in Marvel comics

In the comics pages, Jennifer’s story is a bit different. For starters, she is the daughter of a Sheriff in Los Angeles. One day a group of mobsters decides to take revenge on her father and carries out an attack on her, leaving her in the middle of the confrontation and suffering critical injuries.

Due to the urgency of the situation the only way to save her is through a blood transfusion, with Bruce Banner being the chosen one. But these cells are contaminated and give Jennifer the abilities of the Hulk.

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Why did Marvel change the origin of Jennifer Walters?

In an interview for Inverse, Jessica Gao (head writer for the show) assured that the reason why the story was changed had to do with the Bruce Banner that the MCU has presented so far. For Gao it was hardly believable that Banner, a scientist who should have known the risks of sharing his blood, would voluntarily decide to impart the life and risks of the Hulk to someone else.

“To me, it just didn’t sound real to the Bruce Banner that we know… We’ve watched him over the course of a decade, and he’s had issues with this (being the Hulk). He is tormented by this. He saw it as a curse. It took a decade for him to come to a place of balance and acceptance. He never saw it as a gift. He forced him to not even have romantic relationships. I just can’t imagine that Bruce would willingly choose to give what he saw as a curse.”

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