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Why did many companies start developing video games?

Why did many companies start developing video games? The answer is quite simple, because around 73.4% of Brazilians consume electronic games very frequently, and currently this number has increased and with it developers have grown exponentially. The job market in this area is one of the widest to work in and take advantage of its excellent opportunities.

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What about the current electronic games market?

Games have grown at exponential levels not only in other countries, but in Brazil mainly, as the country ranks as the 13th largest gaming market today. One of the BGS organizers states that Brazil is in 3rd place when it comes to the largest population of players in the world.

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Many people are surprised when there is mention of the amount of players in Brazil, but they never ask themselves the real reason for this, the main one being the fact that they manage to earn good money. As is the case with Axies, which gives the player the possibility of making a profit without doing much, and the numbers in October 2021 were 2 million active players.

How monetizes the gaming market in Brazil?

In Brazil alone, revenue from games will reach the mark of R$ 12 billion, which would be something around US$ 2.3 billion abroad. This number represents an increase of 5.1% in the percentage of revenue, which moved the economy on the positive side.

Several players spend hours in front of their cell phones with games for the device, and currently it has reached a percentage of 47% in the games market in Brazil. In the case of consoles, this percentage is a little lower, something around 29% and PC games reach the mark of 24%.

Games like PUBG and Fortnite, the famous Battle Royale are the most successful among younger players, in addition to generating higher revenue here in Brazil.

How has the electronic games market grown in recent years?

The market grew exponentially with the arrival of technology in the construction of video games and their games, something that was long awaited by many people for a long time. Thanks to all the technology put into games, many gamers enjoyed more and more of what was created and sold in online stores and physical stores. Only in 2020 there was an increase of online games to 40%, and the perspective is to increase in the coming years.

In Brazil and in the world, the gaming market started with game machines in Arcades, and gradually the technology used changed to the point of creating video games like Atari, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, PlaystationXbox and other consoles that are the best known and loved by old and new gamers alike.

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