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Why Capricorns born in December and January are so different

The zodiac sign can tell us a lot about a person’s astrological personality, however, not everyone is the same despite belonging to the same sign, for example, Capricorns born in December have a different character than those born in January.

The traditional traits of those who are Capricorn They indicate a stable, pragmatic and goal-oriented personality. They crave control and status, so they are often seen as ambitious, proud, and aloof from feelings like love. Likewise, they are compassionate and thoughtful people capable of creating solid and strong connections with whom they manage to generate a bond of trust.

Despite sharing these characteristics, the Capricorns of December have different qualities from those of December and what causes this distinction are the decans.

Each zodiac sign is divided into 3 subgroups called decans.which mean an energy synchronized with different planets and is synchronized according to the degrees that the Sun travels per day, and since in each sign it takes approximately 30 degrees, this means that the first ten belong to the first decan, the second to the second deanery and the third to the third deanery.

In the case of Capricorn, those born in December belong to the first decan, ruled solely by Saturn, while those born in January are from the second and third decans, therefore, they are co-ruled by Venus and Mercury. So, this means that not all Capricorns have the same character, and astrologers from the Astrozella.com site tell us why they are so different.

What are the December Capricorns like?

As we mentioned, The Capricorns of December belong to the first decan so they are only ruled by Saturnthe planet of discipline, maturity and time, this means that they have all the stereotypes of this zodiac sign, that is, they are focused on work, their objectives, they are ambitious, patient and introverted.

Unlike those born in January, they are more committed, they have more patience and awareness of their actions, they do not tend to take shortcuts and they always wait for the right moment to achieve success.

How are the Capricorns of January?

Since they belong to the second and third decans, they have Venus and Mercury as co-rulers., planets of love and communication, respectively. This means that they are more relaxed and balanced, although they do not abandon their goals.

They are more sociable and fun-loving than their December counterparts, so they tend to be more flexible and carefree.

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