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Why are zodiac women still single and can’t find a partner?

The zodiac signs of women can give us the keys to understand why they cannot find a partner and remain single. Although when trying to find love they look more flirty, update their wardrobe and may resort to aggressive makeovers to attract attention, astrology says that this is not enough.

Each woman of the zodiac has a trait in her character that can “scare” her suitors. They probably don’t even realize what this characteristic of their personality is, and for that they can turn to the stars. Based on the YourTango and Siempre Mujer sites, we tell you why your zodiac sign is still single.

The Aries woman is always doing something, he’s on the run and never seems to have time to look for the right person. The advantage of this sign is its impulsiveness, so that it can take advantage of its courage to take the first step.

Taurus women are among the most attractive in the zodiac. Her sensuality and confidence is a boy magnet, however, they have high expectations and if they don’t meet all of them, they go to the next window. If they want to leave singleness they have to be more flexible with their demands.

He tends to set mental limits that prevent him from having fun. If it’s not age, it’s looks, and if not bad luck, Geminis can fall into a spiral of negativity that can scare off many suitors.

cancer women they are left with the illusion of returning with an ex and for that reason they are closed to new relationships. They are left waiting for a new opportunity from someone who, possibly, is no longer interested in coming back.

Leos can never get enough. They may have a long list of suitors and yet they are looking everywhere to meet more people. However, the biggest problem is that it does not take enough time to really get to know the interested parties.

Virgo women are the most perfectionist of the zodiac. High quality standards prevent you from finding your ideal partner. They must remember that there is no perfect man, because love lies in choosing to love that person.

The problem with Libra women is that they tend to have capricious behavior with the people who love them. This attitude drives others away.

Scorpio women are reserved. when a suitor approaches them they close and they adopt an unpleasant attitude because they put up an invisible protective shield so as not to be hurt. They imagine scenarios that do not yet exist, so they must stop being extremely negative.

Fear is the main impediment of Sagittarius women. They cannot leave singleness because they fear losing their freedom or that the partner they chose will force them to fall into a routine life.

Capricorn women spend most of their time on their career and work. They have no patience for love and are obsessed with their work successes. The key to stop being single is to take time to have fun and enjoy social life.

The Aquarius woman is independent and does not want to be ruled by someone. That’s why his rebellious attitude is a repellant for love, although it is still an attractive feature. If you take advantage of this magnet and give yourself the opportunity to meet someone, you can leave the single life sooner rather than later.

Pisces women, being the most empathetic of the zodiac, they care about the happiness of others and leave their needs until the end. If you prioritize your happiness you can find the love of your life.

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